The demand for newer, superior technology has surpassed the pace at which current devices reach the end of their useful lives. As a result, the question of what to do with obsolete electronics has become a global issue. Disposal does not have to be the only answer. Computers and other electronics can be properly refurbished and re-marketed by a responsible company rather than being sent to a landfill.

ThinkIT Recycling, since its inception in 2015,  has become a leading IT Asset Disposal Company located in the heart of the Midwest.  Our secure 40,000 sq foot warehouse provides a secure atmosphere for ThinkIT to perform all needed data eradication for our clients.  ThinkIT was created to help companies adhere to ever changing data protection and environmental legislation and rules.

Our clients have peace of mind due to ThinkIT’s strict adherence to R2 / BAN e-Steward recycling guidelines including no overseas dumping and our own strict zero landfill policy.